Now yeah, we should be looking after our skin allll year round, it’s not just for whatever season we fancy. But I defiantly put more effort into my routine in winter, mainly because I was blessed with dry skin {lucky me}, so if I don’t bother I end up looking like a walking, talking corpse {maybe exaggerated.. but you get my point}. So I thought I’d share with you, all the steps I go through to look after my skin in winter.

So before we get into facial skincare, I wanna start with body skincare, I mean no one wants dry legs and arms.. But before that we need to start with hair removal, so everything’s smooth, before we pop the lotions and potions on. So for the hair removal itself I’ve been loving using the Panasonic Epilator, it’s amazing, very easy to use and comes with 6 different heads, so you can choose which suits you best, or use them all. It has a flexible head too!? Amazing, means it can get around so easily. It leaves your skin so smooth, as compared to using an ordinary razor. So yes the wet and dry Panasonic epilator is fabulous!

So after using the epilator, after any hair you fancy has been removed, then I use a body scrub, I mean for me any does, but you can’t beat the smell of the Soap and Glory sugar crush one, it’s a citrusy dream {I just end up sniffing it all time, hahah}. After that I pop a body lotion on, with a body lotion I use something thicker, something that’s going to hydrate my skin, also a bit glowy too {not glitter}, just a healthy glow, you know. Oooh while we chat about body skincare, I guess hands count right? I love hand creams, I carry one at all times in winter to keep my hands hydrated and super soft!

God, I love a face mask, so that’s best place to start with the skincare, they are just theee best for helping make your skin soft, and giving you a little life, and glow. In the winter I’m very much partial to mainly using the self heating variety {what better when your freezing than heating your face up..}, I love the chocolate orange on from Superdrug, festive you see!

The other skincare bits I use is defiantly a moisturiser, but a thick one, I love the Garnier honey 3 in 1 moisturiser, it’s brill for hydrating my skin, and a saviour in the winter months. Of course eye cream to keep your eyes hydrated, don’t want dry eyes do I? No. One of my favouriteeeee products for winter is the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, this stuff is incredible! I mainly use it for my lips, but you can whack it on any dry patches, it’s a literal saviour, if you have dry skin/lips, get it!

Overnight products are great too in the cooler months, because they keep your skin from drying overnight, and make you look fab in the morning. Overnight skincare is the best for when you’re feeling lazy, you just whack it on, and nod off! IDEAL!

So there we go, that’s my how I look after my skin tips during winter, of course I do general bits too like cleansing, taking my makeup off {lol}, but yeah! If you have any tips do leave me a little comment!

x S